Why do we give?

 Our giving is an expression of worship. It glorifies God. Malachi 3:10 reveals that the beginning point of steward ship is the tithe. A tithe is 10% of our gross income. God could have asked for a lot more than that because everything we have is from God (Psalm 24:1). God does not need our money, but we need to give to express our gratitude for who He is and all He has done. We are to give our tithes and offerings to God's House (the Church). Our obedience in this area brings God's blessing. We will never be able to out-give God. Luke 6:38 also reminds us that in the same measure we give, it will be given back to us.  This web page will allow you to be obedient in this area of obedience. 


Where do our tithes and offerings go?

Our church gives a tithe to the Southern Baptist Cooperative Program which supports almost 7500 missionaries, 6 seminaries and its students, world hunger, church planting, church revitalization and much more. Every Sunday we give to an effort much larger than our selves. We also support the Cumberland Baptist Association every month. 

The rest of your tithes and offerings (an offering is over and above the tithe), support local ministries, local and world missions, evangelism and discipleship in our community, benevolence needs, personnel budget, multiple ministries in our church, and other practical issues such as insurance, lease payments, signage, utilities, etc. 

Remember, God loves a cheerful giver (2nd Corinthians 9:7).


Ways to Give

  • GIVE ONLINE: (coming soon!)

  • GIVE IN-PERSON: During the service, you can place an offering in one of our ministry buckets during our worship offertory 
  • BY MAIL: Send donations by regular mail to: P.O. Box 3512, Clarksville, TN 37043